Ed Sheeran Warns Us – 2018 Will Be Boring

Ed Sheeran says that we shouldn’t expect much out of him in 2018 by saying, ‘it’s gonna be a kind of boring year.’ Get the details here.

By nowproducerdave on January 19, 2018
(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Songwriters Hall Of Fame)

Ed Sheeran says that 2018, as far as content from him, is going to be “a boring year.” In 2017, he was dropping new music left and right, he guest-starred on “Game of Thrones,” released an album, broke all sorts of records (and bones), and received an honor from the Queen. He’s kind of a big deal in 2017 news.

Ed says that 2018 will be different from last year though. Except for going on his world tour (which we’d call pretty exciting, but hey), he’s just going to be writing some new songs (and working with an old songwriting buddy, Steve Mack, who he wrote “Shape of You” with), working on a movie, and planning his tour. So he’s going to be staying busy, but as far as Ed being in the spotlight, he’s going to be more in hiding for a little bit.

We can totally respect that. He had a seriously massive 2017, and probably would like a little more quiet time this year. The movie he’s shooting is in the planning stages and is supposed to start filming in 2019. We’re curious about what that’s going to be, so we’ll keep an ear out for news on that. His summer tour will start in March, so he’s got a little time to relax before that, but we know he’s finding things to keep himself busy, we’re sure.

Ed says that his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn, will join him on tour through Europe though. “It’s actually really easy for Cherry to come. She works and can’t give up her job, but it’s gonna be easy because it’s weekends and two months of it is in Europe, so she can just pop out.”


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