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Dua Lipa Posts On ‘Toxic People’ After Boyfriend Caught With Another Girl

Dua Lipa tweeted about ditching ‘toxic people’ just after her boyfriend was caught on camera grinding with another girl in a London club.

Dua Lipa tweeted about ditching “toxic people” just after her boyfriend was caught on camera with another girl.

Isaac Crew and Dua were together for more than two years before they broke up last February. They rekindled their romance in January, reports the Sun.

A video surfaced of Isaac grinding on the dance floor of G-A-Y Late nightclub in London with a brunette. Adding insult to injury, Dua’s No. 1 hit with Calvin Harris, “One Kiss,” was playing in the background.

Dua wrote: “You should keep your friends and loved ones close, trust your gut and go with your instinct.”

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In response to a fan who said that she was afraid of letting go of people, the “New Rules” singer tweeted:

“Oh my darling I think a bigger fear is allowing yourself to stay around toxic people for too long. You’ll recognise the good ones its obvious they’ll warn you about the bad ones. Trust them even if its the hardest thing you do xx”

Click here to see the picture of Isaac in the club.


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