Police Dog Finds Suspect Squeezed Inside Tiny Dryer [PIC]

A Washington man was arrested by Spokane police after a police dog found him hiding inside of a tiny dryer at his victim’s house.

By austind03 on July 24, 2018
Dyer, Spokane Police, Washington, Man Hides In Dryer
(Photo by Eli Meir Kaplan/Getty Images)

Police officers in Washington recently found a suspect hiding in a very unlikely place: a dryer.

According to Fox News, the surprising discovery took place early Sunday morning while police were searching for a man believed to be violating a no-contact order. In a Facebook post, they explained the situation:

“[We] were working on a tip from our Domestic Violence Unit that an offender may go back to the victims home, thus be in violation of a protection order [sic].”

When police got to the victim’s home, the suspect went indoors and refused to to come out. However, when they finally got inside, police initially couldn’t find the suspect. Thankfully, a police dog was on the case and lead officers to the laundry room.

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Hiding inside a tiny dryer, police caught the sneaky suspect and arrested him.

How the man managed to fit inside the dryer is still not clear, but it is weirdly impressive. Spokane police also joked about the situation, saying:

“The adult version of hide and seek never turns out well for anyone.”

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