Don’t Let Your Pets Near Your Salt Lamp

By Doug Lazy on December 26, 2019

Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage right NOW and lots of people are posting pictures on social media with them but they can be deadly for your pets… posted an article about the dangers of Himalayan salt lamps for your pets. They told the story of one case where a cat had licked a Himalayan salt lamp and got really sick. After licking the lamp, they say that the kitty was:

unable to hear, see, or walk. She couldn’t control her tongue and was unable to eat or drink as a result.  

The kitty had an extremely high level of sodium due to licking the lamp. Her owners were unaware that she was even licking the lamp. They say that the kitty has a long road to recover but they’re hoping she’ll make a full recovery. Vets are saying it’s even more common for dogs to lick these lamps.

If you have a Himalayan salt lamp, veterinarians suggest keeping them out of reach of your fur babies for their own safety.

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