Disneyland Unveils Their Latest Creation: Carrot Cake Churros + 5 Others

By Cody Briana on April 17, 2018
(Photo By: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images)

I know carrot cake sounds gross. But if you’ve never had it, you’re missing out. It’s surprisingly good and reminds me of spice cake. Maybe like a mellow spice cake. Anyway. Disneyland gets it because they just debuted a carrot cake churro! Travel + Leisure says it’s really good, and I’ll take their word for it.

The magazine writes, “The sugary cinnamon snack is first rolled in carrot cake sugar, which tastes exactly like a fresh, sweet slice, but the kicker comes by way of its dipping sauce, a cream cheese icing with bits of raisins and carrot speckled throughout.”

Its debut is part of Pixar Fest, a celebration for their animated characters, and isn’t their only creation! There’s a cocoa churro with spiced Mexican chocolate dipping sauce paying homage to “Coco,” a rainbow fruit churro mimicking the design of “Up”’s colorful “snipe” bird Kevin, a strawberry churro for Lotso from “Toy Story 3,” and a specialty churro covered with donut icing and cocoa cereal for “A Bug’s Life.”


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