Dancing With The Stars Update 11/22/17 – Winner Crowned [VIDEO]

A new champion of “Dancing with the Stars” has been crowned, in what was possibly the closest, most competitive season of the show yet.

By nowproducerdave on November 22, 2017
(Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The latest season of “Dancing with the Stars” has come to a close, and this might have been some of the best dancing we’ve seen in a long time on the show. The final three contestants were Jordan Fisher and partner Lindsay Arnold, Lindsey Stirling and partner Mark Ballas, and Frankie Muniz with Witney Carson.

Competing for the Mirrorball Trophy, all three couples took to the dance floor. Lindsey Sterling and Mark Ballas were up first. Their first dance was the Jive, and their second dance was a cha-cha mixed with tango. Both dances netted the couple perfect scores.

Next was Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson. Their first dance was an Argentine tango, for which they scored a perfect 30. Their second dance got them a 28 though. It was a foxtrot fused with a tango. Len gave them a little deduction because he said there was a little “confusion.” The couple scored a 28 for the second dance.

Finally, Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold were up. Their first dance was a samba, and they scored a perfect 30. Second was a salsa/paso doble fusion, and they also scored a perfect 30. Jordan was clearly emotional, saying he was “a better person for knowing Lindsay.” He was smiling the whole time during the second dance, not missing a step and always having tight movements. Len, noted critic of the show, said that he thought Jordan is “the most complete male celebrity ever on Dancing With the Stars.” Other, possibly more harsh critic Bruno agreed. They received a perfect score for dance two.

It came down to Lindsey Stirling and Jordan Fisher for the reveal of the winner, which you can see here:

It went to a great team for sure. Lindsey Stirling was a favorite for a long time, and absolutely a fantastic dancer herself, and Jordan was just amazing, especially during the past few weeks. This was seriously one of the closest seasons, and probably the best season, of “Dancing with the Stars” for sure.


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