College Student Rents Out Dorm On Airbnb, Of Course Gets Caught

In what could be argued a brilliant though dishonest way to make some cash, a college student listed their dorm for rent on Airbnb, and actually had renters.

By nowproducerdave on October 9, 2018
(Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images)

College kids are smart, and I’m not being sarcastic. They’re innovative, whether they’re automating some sort of menial task or making an extra few dollars. Also they’re sometimes on the verge of billion-dollar companies (Facebook, Microsoft). Take this student for example, who had a little extra space in (his or her) dorm room. Enter Airbnb.

Airbnb is a for-rent app that you can list space on. Let’s say you have an extra room or two in your house, or maybe an entire spare house (hey, I wish). You throw a listing up on Airbnb and make some extra cash on you – you know what, you know how it works. It’s like the Uber of spare rooms. Anyway, this student decided to throw their dorm on the app, and there were actually some people in the room. Like, the student was actually making cash renting out their dorm. I’m laughing while shaking my head. It’s like when you were a kid and made a funny joke or prank in school, and your dad was laughing while trying to discipline you.

It happened at Northern Arizona University and went on for an unknown amount of time. University spokeswoman Kim Ott had a few details to offer though. She says that not only was the student renting out the dorm, but he or she was also allowing the renters access to the residence hall. The dorm itself had just a single bed, and also had an attached bathroom. Swanky. When the school found out about the listing, they contacted Airbnb and had the listing removed. University police actually had to find the renters and ask them to leave. The student is still a student, but is facing disciplinary action. Source.

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