Chris Hemsworth Is Just Like The Rest Of Us

Chris Hemsworth admitted to lying to his kids and then stealing their Halloween candy right out from under them.

By kmvq on November 1, 2017
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Well, just like the rest of us in that he steals Halloween candy from his kids.

Side note – I didn’t even know he had kids. Interesting.

Anyway, just like most parents out there, Chris Hemsworth admitted that he does steal candy from his kids’ Halloween buckets. He also tells them the same scare about their teeth falling out if they have too much. He says in full, “I’ve got two boys and a little girl. And I just try and tell them that their teeth are gonna fall out if they have too much candy.” He says that the white-lie usually doesn’t work because they love it too much.

When asked about stealing the candy, he says “you can’t teach your kids what not to do and then in the background you’re doing the opposite. It’s a wild contradiction. When they’re my age, they can make those decisions for themselves.” So he sneaks it when they’re not paying attention, and enjoys it in private. Teeth and all.

What’s Chris’s most embarrassing costume? That’s an easy one, he says it “can be anything I wore on ‘Dancing With The Stars.'” That’s season 5 of the Australian version, if you’re curious.

For some more details, check out the interview here.

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