Chipotle Adding Quinoa To Menu As New Grain Option

Chipotle is testing out adding quinoa to the menu as an alternative grain option to the current white or brown rice. We may be seeing more changes in the coming future as the chain got a new CEO last week.

By Admin on February 21, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Chipotle is testing out a new menu option: quinoa!

The chain is adding it as an extra option along with the usual white or brown rice. Some stores are currently testing out quinoa in New York. If it goes well, we’ll soon be seeing it as an option in all the locations. Business Insider reports the red and gold quinoa has citrus juice, cumin, and chopped cilantro mixed in.

It’s likely to continue to see changes in Chipotle in the future because a new CEO stepped in last week. Interestingly, Brian Niccols, the new head, used to be the CEO of Taco Bell!

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