Charlie Sheen Accused Of Murder

Charlie Sheen has just been accused of murder by a former friend about an ‘accidental death’ case from 2012. Get all the details here.

By nowproducerdave on February 8, 2018
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Charlie Sheen’s former buddy Lenny Dykstra has just accused him of murder. Of all these accusations flying around in Hollywood right now, that was the last thing we’d think of.

Long story short, Lenny was in jail for a bit (several years), and when he got out he asked Charlie about what happened to a former assistant that he (Lenny) had before going to jail. That assistant, Rick Calamaro, was found dead in his home back in 2012. Lenny said that he learned alot about Charlie during their years of friendship, and that Rick was writing a book – a sort of “tell-all” about Charlie. Lenny says that when he asked Charlie “what happened to Rick?”, Charlie’s response was basically (heavily edited due to language) that he found out Rick was writing the book, and that Rick tried to blackmail him, so he had Rick killed with laced drugs.

So now Lenny Dykstra is accusing Charlie Sheen of murdering his former assistant who was writing a book about Charlie. However, since there is no proof or evidence from the scene, and since back in 2012 the death was ruled “accidental,” the case will probably go nowhere. Sheen’s lawyer cited Dykstra’s “laundry list of crimes,” saying that Dykstra couldn’t be trusted.


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