Carey Hart, P!nk, Catching Hate, Exposing People To Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease [PIC]

P!nk’s husband Carey Hart is catching some social media hate after posting a picture of their son with hand, foot, and mouth disease out in public.

By nowproducerdave on August 29, 2018
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Carey Hart and P!nk are travelling with their two children while P!nk is doing shows. Sometimes health can be tough on the road, as they’ve found out. Both kids are feeling down, and P!nk is finally feeling a bit better after having to cancel some shows due to illness.

But Carey Hart, P!nk’s husband, is catching a little extra heat. He was posting pictures of one of their kids, their son Jameson, who has hand, foot, & mouth disease at the moment. Their other child, daughter Willow, has a 102 temperature. Carey posted a photo of Jameson sitting at a table, and told the story about how they went out to breakfast. He said a woman was staring at him with a *crappy* look on her face, because of the hand, foot, & mouth going on. Carey says that it’s just bedbugs, though it clearly isn’t.

What they’re catching heat for is the fact that they knowingly took Jameson out with a “highly contagious” disease. Not just out, but to a restaurant, presumably in just a diaper. One Instagram user says “HFM is contagious,highly contagious why would you knowingly take your son out to breakfast and exposing others to it.” Another says “And what about the wait staff? What about the bus boys who had to clear off the plates and cups and utensils with their bare hands?..”

Have you ever seen people bringing kids out in public who were obviously very sick and shouldn’t be out at all? Not just for public’s sake, but for the kid themselves? Did you say something about it, or just continue on with your day?

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