Canadian Woman Accidentally Steals Stranger’s Car Thinking It Was Her Rental

While it’s not unheard of to unknowingly take something that isn’t yours, this lady takes things to a new level.

By austind03 on July 12, 2018
Canadian Woman, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Nissan Sentra, Infiniti QX50
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While it’s not unheard of to unknowingly take something that isn’t yours, this lady takes things to a new level.

According to CBC, an elderly Canadian woman recently rented a black Nissan Sentra from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Right after getting her car, she drove to a local Walmart to do some grocery shopping.

However, things took a turn when she went to look for her car after she left the store. After walking to the area she remembered parking, she saw a shiny black car and got inside. Unfortunately, it was not her rental, but another man’s 2015 black Infiniti QX50. Despite this new car being a hatchback (her rental was a sedan), the woman did not realize the difference.

While the situation should have ended when it was time to turn the car on, there was another mishap. The elderly man that owned the Infiniti accidentally left his key fob in his car. As both cars use a key fob and don’t require the key to start the car, she was able to drive away without realizing her mistake.

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After driving around with the wrong vehicle for two weeks, the woman went to return it to the Enterprise. However, she was not happy with the state of cleanliness in the car. As Constable Tommy MacKay, the lead investigator on the case, explained:

“She was upset because the ashtray was dirty, there were papers in the glove box, and there were golf clubs in the back. And she was giving the manager the business on renting her a dirty vehicle.”

Even when the manager tried explaining they didn’t even rent that model of car to her and that she had the wrong vehicle, she still wasn’t getting it. Finally, she and the manager drove to the Walmart she had been to and they found her car still sitting in the lot.

After calling the police, they were able to return the stolen vehicle to its rightful owner. He “had a good chuckle” over the events while the woman understandably felt some embarrassment. However, because the whole ordeal was just a big mistake, she will not face any charges.

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