Butt Rip Jeans Are Here And Might Actually Take Off [PIC]

These new jeans have a rather interesting opening in the back, in just the right spot to leave very little to the imagination, and it’s intentional.

By nowproducerdave on May 22, 2018
(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

I realize after writing that title that it could be misconstrued as a bad pun, but I assure you by “take off” I mean “get popular.” Ahem.

Ok, ok, yes, “distressed” jeans (or whatever they’re called these days) have been around for a while. Brand new jeans that come with holes, stains, and fades. We get it, it was a cool thing for a while, it faded a bit (no pun intended), and then it sort of came back again. There are simple, small tears, all the way to the thigh-showing style. Seriously, it looks like they got sucked up by a lawn mower sometimes.

As we get more frugal (just me? Ok then), we tend to keep things around longer. Sometimes our once-pristine jeans and up looking like those great distressed jeans that are so popular. Still, we never end up putting them on eBay (though I have a couple pairs that could). Anyway, fashion designers are always looking for the next extreme thing, and this is taking the cake (for now, anyway). They’re called “Butt Rip” jeans, and they’re, well, have a look.

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So when you decide you want to buy them, at least they’re cheap. As compared to most high-fashion jeans, anyway, they’re going for about $34. Here’s the description from the website: “Flaunt some skin with these seriously on point skinny jeans. Featuring a black denim fabric with a flattering high waisted fit and distressed bum detail and a zip leg, style with your everyday pieces or dress them up for hitting the town with your besties.” “On point” for sure, assuming that point was a pair of scissors. We’ve seen a lot of weird things come across our desks as we gather stories for the radio, like denim thongs and extra-low waist pants. But these “Butt Rip” jeans just have some sort of “thing” about them. I think that it’s extreme enough to get attention, but just toned down enough that they may actually be purchased worn. Really, they’re just “booty shorts” with legs if you think about it. See some more here.

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