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This Bruno Mars Concert Was On Fire – Literally [PIC]

Bruno Mars was playing a concert when he set the stage on fire, and I mean literally, not figuratively.

Bruno Mars had to take an unplanned break from his concert due to a fire. His concert was literally on fire. Nobody was hurt, and the show was able to continue after the fire was handled.

Have you ever seen a fire at a concert? Probably not, it doesn’t happen often at all, but if you were at theis Bruno Mars show, you got to experience that. It wasn’t a blaze, there weren’t’ “huge” flames or anything. Bruno was performing when there was a problem with one of the fireworks they use in the show. One of them somehow misfired and landed up top where all the equipment is mounted, like lights and fog machines. Long story short, of of the lights caught fire, and luckily crews spotted it in time. Bruno stopped performing for about 10 minutes while emergency workers put the fire out and checked everything over.

Bruno came back on stage and sang a quick impromptu set of lyrics related to the fire (“We burned the stage down in Glasgow”):

There were other tweets from the concert, including this photo of a small fire on top of one of the stage lights:

Certainly an interesting story, and we’re happy that nobody was hurt during the incident. Bruno Mars came back out onto the stage to finish the concert. He even played 11 more songs after the fire. See some more info here.


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