Brunchin’ With the Besties Could be Why You’re Single

By dregaldo on September 18, 2023

One of my favorite things to do is to get my friends together for brunch on the weekends. We get to catch up over waffles, and yummy beverages and who doesn’t love bonding over delicious breakfast food?

But according to dating advice columnist, Jana Hocking, brunch could be ruining our love life. Huh? The reasoning is because when we go out to brunch with friends we aren’t surrounded by men like we might be if we went out at night which is when men are more likely to go out. Then we are too tired from brunch that we don’t have the energy to go out at night.

Hocking says, “men aren’t at these brunches – these Nocturnal creatures prefer to go out at night.”

“Seriously, singletons, we’ve got to do better, because people are going home … alone.”

Let me say this loud and clear, I do not care one bit. I’m going to brunch to see my friends and get the latest tea not meet a man. Give me my bottomless brunch and a nap after.

Will this new insight make you rethink going to brunch? More importantly, where is your favorite brunch spot in Sacramento?

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