Brad Pitt Taking Year Off – From Sex

Brad Pitt has come out to say that he’s taking a year off from sex (and probably dating all together) to focus on himself and get over the breakup.

By nowproducerdave on March 12, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Yes it’s true, Brad Pitt says he’s taking a year off from sex. He vowed to stay celibate to help him get over the breakup from Angelina Jolie. Do you think that’s a good idea? Does it work, or do you know of a better or more effective way to get over a relationship? What have you tried before?

Since the breakup, Brad seems to have been working on himself quite a bit. Both in making healthy choices, and in doing things he’s been unable to do since he’s been in a relationship of some sort for the better part of “his entire adult life.” What he’s doing instead of hooking-up is meditating, sculpting, working out, and eating healthier. It also seems that he’s avoiding even being seen with other women. Last week before the Oscars, he was with a woman there, yes, but she was his manager, and other than her he was refusing to take pictures with anyone at the event.

But what happens at the end of the year off? Well, according to what Tiffany Haddish says, the two of them are going to start a relationship. Now, we’re sure Tiffany was joking when she said that, but now that Brad has said “a year,” we’re not really sure what to think anymore. Ok, but really, that was probably just a joke. We’re curious to see what Brad has planned though. He’s been making a lot of moves recently after the split from Angelina back in 2016, and he’s clearly been working on himself a lot. Will we expect a Brad Pitt comeback in some big way? Not that he was ever really “gone,” but maybe more movies and events will be in the works? Check out some more info here, as well as some of his previous relationships listed.

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