Boys’ Night Out For Justin Bieber After Selena Breakup

Justin Bieber attended a red carpet event with some friends days after the split from Selena, and they seem to be a good support system.

By nowproducerdave on March 16, 2018
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Looks like the Justin Bieber boys’ night was a good idea after his alleg… – you know what? We’re going to call it a breakup. “Alleged” is too hard to type and explain over and over, so we’re just going with breakup. There.

Justin Bieber went out with the guys last night. Specifically, he went to the premiere of Patrick Schwarzenegger’s new movie “Midnight Sun.” Bella Thorne was there too, who also stars in the movie. Bieber loves to be in the spotlight at appearances like these, according to the article, and his history of attending various events. It’s also good that, while he’s going through a tough time, he’s out supporting his buddies, and we’re actually sure that he’s getting some support on things too.

But, it may be those buddies that got him into trouble in the first place. It’s being said now that the reason for Bieber and Selena’s breakup was because he wanted to hang out with his buddies on his birthday rather than her. No matter what the real reason was, there’s a slight chance that the two might get back together, and there’s also rumors that they’re still together but just seeing each other in private and out of the spotlight. The two tried keeping it quiet at first, and some say that the spotlight got to be too much for the two. Eh, we’ll see.

Back to the boys’ night out though. Justin and Patrick have been pals for a while, attending church together as well as going on trips together. Seems like a pretty healthy friendship there. Hopefully he’s helping The Biebs keep calm and on his direction to be a better him. Check out some photos from the red carpet event of “Midnight Sun” here. Do you like to hang out with your friends after a breakup, or are you more of a “keep to yourself” kind of person?

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