Boy Saved From Four Sharks In Ocean Thanks To Drone Pilot [VIDEO]

A boy swimming in the ocean was saved from a shark attack just in time by a man who was flying a video drone nearby.

By nowproducerdave on May 11, 2018
(Photo by Maddie Meyer Getty Images)

This is a great story that was almost a total disaster. A boy, happy to be at the beach with his family excitedly dove into the ocean. That ocean had 4 sharks in the water near where he jumped in. Luckily for the boy, a man was nearby flying a drone with a camera. The man was able to shout for the boy to get out of the water just as one of the sharks was within probably 15 feet of him. The boy was swimming in shallow water too, and it appears that one of the sharks didn’t care for the depth as it got closer. Check out the video below, you’ll be gripping the edge of your chair.

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It happened in the Bahamas at what appears to be a pretty populated area. They don’t appear to be massive sharks, but really anything bigger than a goldfish has me nervous in the ocean. Freaky experience, for sure. Also for the beachgoers, they can’t see through the water. The light reflects off the surface, so if you’re standing there it just looks like, well, water. When you’re up above the water, you can see straight through it. Good that the drone pilot was there filming, we can’t imagine what would have happened if nobody noticed.

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