Ariana Grande Just Finished A New Album

Ariana Grande has secretly been working on some new music, and actually has her new album done – we’re just waiting on a release date.

By nowproducerdave on March 5, 2018
(Photo by Getty Images/Dave Hogan for One Love Manchester)

Reports are that executives at the record label as well as her own manager are all saying that Ariana Grande’s new album new album is “her best yet.” It of course comes after the traumatic Manchester attack that happened at her show there in May last year.

This is more of a personal project for Ariana, in the fact that not only is this her first work since that attack, but she actually had a hand in every part of the album, from writing to recording and collaborating. About half of the songs were produced by Pharrell, the other half by Max Martin (if he sounds familiar but you can’t place his name, he worked with N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears back in the ’90s). What’s new for Ariana with this album is that she wrote, at least part of, every single song that made the album. She used to write songs on her other albums of course, but she would also perform songs written by other people, not necessarily her own work. This album is all hers.

What’s next though is, well, everything else that’s involved with making an album. They don’t even appear to have album artwork, a marketing plan, or even a release date. We’re also guessing that since it was only just now being played for the record label, that she hasn’t had a chance to work on any music videos that may be coming out, which also means no singles, not yet anyway. We’re going to guess that we’re looking at a summer release date, maybe even the end of summer. We think that would be enough time to get the artwork and marketing structure in place, as well as a couple singles on the air. We’ll keep you updated, of course. We’re also going that there’s going to be some kind of dedication to the victims from the attack in Manchester on the album as well. Whether it’s a song or an actual tribute in the CD Booklet with names and pictures – possibly both. Check out some more info about Ariana Grande’s new album here.

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