‘American Idol’ Contestants Are Getting Busy

American Idol contestants seem to be friendly together this year, they’re starting to get busy, and we’re not talking about singing.

By nowproducerdave on March 7, 2018
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

And we’re not talking singin’ here. More like swin.., you know what, I’ll leave that joke out, it’s just too bad. Reports are surfacing that the American Idol contestants are all staying in a hotel in LA, and they’re spending some time together during the off-hours getting busy.

It’s also being reported that some of the contestants who are taking part in the “bedroom activities” are in relationships already, though it’s not clear if they’re in relationships with other contestants or just have someone back home. Basically, some couples may have gotten through separate auditions together, or there may just be some good ole fashioned cheating going on. Producers for the show don’t seem to care though. They say that in the original series “there were never obvious hookups,” but that with this reboot series and the fact that the contestants are all on the younger side of the “Tinder generation,” that the hookups are casual and will just happen as long as they’re all close to each other.

We don’t know exactly how many contestants are in that hotel, we suppose that information will be kept a pretty tight secret since American Idol hasn’t even started on TV yet (it premieres on Sunday, March 11th), so we’ll get to see our first look at who auditioned and who made it through in the first episode, so we can only assume who’s together, who’s hooking up, and who’s just there to sing. We’re not surprised about this story though, a bunch of young people in a hotel together sounds a lot like a spring break party or college dorms, so, you know, keep it safe, kids. It’s a lot like what happens in the olympic villages during those games – lots of hormones, lots of aggression, lots of, well… Check out some more info on what’s happening over here.

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