This 6 Year Old Boy Needs Our Help Getting A Word Added To The Dictionary [VIDEO]

This little boy needs our help! A smart 6-year-old boy made a great observation about palindromes and thought that a new word should be added for the discovery he made.

By Admin on November 28, 2017
(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

First of all, this boy is super cute and incredibly smart. Just 6 years old, Levi realized that while there is a such thing as a palindrome which is a word spelled the same forward and backwards but there isn’t a name for something that spells two different words forward and backwards.

Here is an example:

“Stop” spelled backwards makes a different word, it spells “Pots”. There is no name for this in the dictionary so Levi wants to name it after himself and call it a “levidrome”. Even actor William Shatner is on board with this movement and the Oxford English dictionary has it on their word watch list. See a tweet from Shatner HERE.

Check out this adorable video that Levi made (with the help of his parents)…

SOURCE: Today 

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