14-Year-Old Learns Why You Shouldn’t Steal Your Mom’s Car [VIDEO]

This 14-year-old decided it would be a good idea to take his mom’s BMW out joyriding with his friends, until she tracked him down and brought a belt with her.

By WKBW on October 18, 2018
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

This kid stole his mom’s car while she was away, and went on a joyride. He picked up his best friend, and then went to his girlfriend’s house. Mom wasn’t too thrilled about that.

So Aaron, the 14-year-old, thought he planned his shenanigans out well. He disabled the WiFi in the house so the wireless security cameras wouldn’t function. That way, mom couldn’t watch what he was doing. When he figured the coast was all clear, he grabbed the keys and hopped in mom’s new BMW. Off he went to pick up his pal. What he didn’t count on though was his pal’s mother giving a call to his own mom. When your 14-year-old son’s friend shows up to pick him up but there’s no parent, something’s fishy, clearly. Off they went to pick up his girlfriend next.

When Aaron’s mom got the phone call, her daughter (who lives next door to her) confirmed that the mom’s car was missing from the driveway. Here’s where the action starts. The mom came home to get a belt, and to pick up her daughter. They took off towards Aaron’s girlfriend’s place. Once there, the girlfriend called Aaron’s friend, and said his mom was looking for them. They were with another girl too, and the mom knew where her house was, so off again she went.

On the way to that girl’s house, she saw her own car driving down the road. She pulled up next to it, and screamed for the boy to pull over. He did, and she approached the car. She ripped the door open, and noticed that Aaron had a “grin” on his face that vanished quickly when he saw she was holding a belt. She whacked him over and over with the belt, and now he’s pretty much grounded for life. Oh yes, there’s video of the whacking.

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