Wonder Woman gets a Make-over

By Doug Lazy on June 30, 2010

Comic book Super Heroine, Wonder Woman has traded in her traditional hot pants, for leggings and has upped her street smarts- for this 21st century update of the 69 year old character. 

J.Michael Straczynski, the new writer for the DC Comics series, told the New York Times he wanted to “toughen her up and give her a modern sensibility” and change the outfit Wonder Woman has been wearing for almost seven decades.

“She was stuck in 1941. And as female friends of mine kept asking, ‘how does she fight in that (bustier) thing without all her parts flying out? How does she carry her stuff?,” Straczynski told video game and entertainment website IGN.com in an interview.

“So my requests were pretty specific: toughen her look, make it more dynamic, more serious,” he added.

What do you think of Wonder Woman’s new look? You loving it? Or do you miss the old look? Wonder Woman will debut this look, as well as some character changes in issue # 600 which hits comic book stands Wednesday.

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