I Told You so!!

By Doug Lazy on August 3, 2010
Ali and her Latin lover!

After all the attempts to try to convince us that their was an outside chance Roberto wasn’t the one for Ali (I have to admit, they had me questoning my prediction) The Bachelorette came to a predictable conclusion last night. According to your calls, Ali should have picked Chris. Who by the comments was “better” for her. Hello! Chris might be better for her if she wants to be bored! That guy is as flat as tap water! Yes, I get that he is nice guy, But did you really see a spark? On the other hand, Roberto has “it”. The “it” is chemistry with Ali and they can’t keep their eyes and lips off each other! Will they last? I predict a TV wedding next year!

Do you believe in fortune tellers? I found a clip from the deleted scenes from the Bachelorette. How funny how a fortune teller nailed Frank while on a date with Ali in Turkey! “I see other women around you”, the look on Frank’s face is priceless!I predict Frank to break up with his girlfriend in Chicago by the end of the year. He is a poster child for commitment phobe, or in certain parts of the country known as a “tool”!

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