Hot Enough for ya?

By Doug Lazy on August 24, 2010

Ahh I guess summer has finally arrived! What took you so long! Over 100 in Sactown and I’m wondering who has it the toughest at work in the heat? Suddenly a small cubicle with air conditioning isn’t so bad!

Question of the day…Should a woman wait for a guy to ask her out or should she be the aggressor? Ellen just called me and wants me to ask the NOW Nation..Please let me know what you think after 4 this afternoon!

Bachelor Pad on ABC is one big, hot mess! I don’t know who is craziest girl in the house Tinley or Elizabeth. I would of said Gia but she gor kicked off last night! Any girl who calls Wes a “modern day Sheakspeare, only cuter” should be admitted into an insane aslyum.

3 0’clock Pop Quiz

While only 6% of men admit to doing this, 27 % of women will do this at least once a week. What is it?

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