From Zero to Hero!

By Doug Lazy on August 11, 2010

Just a few days ago nobody knew or cared who Steve Slater was and what he did for a living. Today he is the “hero of the day” for all the drama he caused as he quit is job at Jet Blue!  He’s not a hero in my book but I have to give him props for having the cajones and quitting his job the way he did. I just get a visual of him saying  “later b——s!” and sliding down the emergency slide. LOL

Just heard Jennifer Lopez is NOT going to be an American Idol judge. When she looks back on this decision, she is going to look at it as a blessing in disguise. If she had gone ahead, her legacy would of been as a judge on the season Idol took a nose dive and was taken off the air!

Fun fact of the day-3 out of 4 workers prefer to have a man for a boss than having a female boss

Some comments

Men are more direct and less interested in office gossip while women are more interested in looking good over tackling the work load. Ouch! Who do you prefer? give me a call 766 1005!

Goat of the day- Bo who promised his girl that he would protect her from any foul ball coming their way and then ducked a away from a line drive that ended up hitting his lady on the arm! Whatever happened to chivalry?[youtube=]

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