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Woman Who Bit Her Nails Had To Have Thumb Amputated

Nail-biting is a nervous habit a lot of us have but it caused this lady to lose her thumb from cancer! See what happened… says that a young lady named Courtney Whithorn started biting her nails when she began getting bullied in school. The article says that back in 2014, she accidentally bit her whole thumb nail off! She didn’t think much of it but then the article says that her thumb began to turn black and that embarrassed her. She then tried to hide her injured thumb from her friends and family.


Because of the major trauma to her nail bed, Courtney was diagnosed with a rare form cancer in her thumb called acral lentiginous subungual melanoma. She has had four surgeries to try to repair her injured thumb since her diagnosis but ultimately ended up losing her thumb.

Courtney, now 20, wants to share her story to raise awareness of her injury and about bullying, the reason she started biting her nails in the first place. She said: “If I could say anything it would be just stand up for yourself – absolutely no matter what it takes just stand up for yourself.”

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