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Taylor Swift Accuses Ed Sheeran Of ‘Peacocking’ [VIDEO]

Peacocking? According to Urban Dictionary (some NWS content there), “Peacocking” is basically dressing or acting flashy to show off, to put it as simply as possible. Anyway, that’s what Taylor Swift accused Ed Sheeran of doing.

Now, it was clearly all in good fun. In a video of the two together (which is difficult to find, despite how much they hang out together), the two were talking, and she says that Ed was sitting closer to the camera to “elevate himself,” meaning to appear bigger, or more dominant. While she’s trying to explain that, Ed keeps saying “taller,” which is funny in itself. Once she finishes, he finally fired back with “it’s only because you wear [expletive] heels all the time!” Taylor then shows her foot on camera with regular flat shoes and says “look what I did for you today!”


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These two are hilarious together, it’s no wonder they’re BFFs!

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