Logan Paul
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Logan Paul Has YouTube Projects & Ads Suspended For New Gross Stunt

Troubled YouTube star Logan Paul has caused more controversy, and he’s facing even harsher punishments than he did last time.

TMZ is reporting that YouTube is suspending all ads on his channel and halting several of his projects. His film Airplane Mode was revealed by industry sources as just one of many things put on hold.

These repercussions come after Paul posted a video on his channel showing him tasering two dead rats. The gross act, as well as his insensitive suicide forest video, has lead YouTube to deem Paul’s content as” unsuitable for brands.”

However, it appears that YouTube has been feeling this way for awhile. While listing their reasons for suspending his ads, the company also cited that Paul was trying to get his viewers to do the stupidly dangerous Tide Pod challenge.

While Paul has been trying to revamp his image following all his scandals, it doesn’t look like it’s working…

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