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Ed Sheeran Being Sued For Plagiarism [VIDEO]

Ed Sheeran not only sings songs and sells massive quantities of albums, he also writes a ton of songs for other artists. It’s even possible that he’s written more songs for other artists than himself. There’ a new lawsuit he’s been named in that centers around a song he wrote for country artist Tim McGraw, called “The Rest of Our Life.”

A couple Australian songwriters are claiming that the song is a blatant copy of their own, saying “the copying is, in many instances, verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer.” The lawyer that was hired to represent the two? He went up against Ed a couple years ago for the song “Photograph,” and that resulted in a settlement, as well as the two writers being added to the song credits.

There are a couple complicated theories, one of which is this. Jasmine Rae, the woman who sings the song “When I Found You” is/was dating a marketing manager for a record label. He, despite knowing about both versions of the songs months before the Tim McGraw version was released, didn’t say anything about the similarities. It’s also being suggested that the original song was “provided” access to the song to “the defendants.”

There seems to be a lot of speculation, suggestions, and finger-pointing, but if you listen to the two songs in question below, well, they do sound a little similar…

Here’s the Australian writers’ version:

And here’s the Tim McGraw/Faith Hill version written by Ed Sheeran:


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