YouTube Is Remastering Old Music Videos From Your Favorite Artists

YouTube has announced a partnership with Universal Music Group, to bring updated versions of iconic music videos up to modern visual and audio standards.

By NathanG on June 19, 2019
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

YouTube is officially giving a face-lift to several iconic music videos, that were only in standard definition when they originally released.

According to Billboard, these updated videos include songs from Lady Gaga, Beastie Boys, Janet Jackson and more. YouTube Music is teaming up with Universal Music Group, to help update these videos and bring them up to modern standards. Reportedly, over 1,000 videos are scheduled to be updated, ranging across multiple decades of music. The videos are being updated to have the highest quality video and audio available for consumers to experience. “Great music videos are works of art that continue to drive cultural influence across generations,” YouTube released in a statement. “And just like priceless paintings or sculptures in museums, from time to time they need some TLC.”

About 100 of these remasters were released June 19, including music videos for Tom Petty’s 1989 “Free Fallin,’” Beastie Boys’ 1994 “Sabotage “and Gaga’s 2009 “Bad Romance.”  The reported plan for YouTube is to steadily release more music videos to the platform each week over the next year. These new versions will include a ‘#Remastered’ hashtag, and the goal is to make all 1,000 titles available by the end of 2020. These new videos will reportedly replace the old ones, however, they will be retaining the same URL, view counts and number of likes as the originals.

What are your thoughts on these YouTube remasters?

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