The Yearly Cost For Thanksgiving Dinner Is Down This Year

The results are in, and the average price for a Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is the cheapest it’s been in 5 years, and under $5 per person!

By nowproducerdave on November 22, 2017
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Every single year, we always report of the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner for that year. The average ingredient prices, the turkey cost, everything averaged together spits out a number. This year, it’s gone down by almost a dollar to about $49.12. Last year it was $49.87. This makes it the lowest cost Thanksgiving in 5 years!

I know that doesn’t sound like much, but remember, it’s average cost (for a 10-person serving). So some ingredients are down, but others might be up a few cents. If you pick and choose certain items, you can get well below that price, because really, you won’t like everything on the list. Ok, let’s break it down:

The turkey – a 16-pound bird costs about $22.38, or about $1.40 per pound, which is a 2-cent decrease from last year, which makes about 36-cents total savings.
Milk – a gallon of milk dropped to $2.99.
12 rolls dropped in price to $2.26.
Sweet potatoes dropped to $3.52 for a 3-pound bag.
Green peas dropped to $1.43.

Anyway, you get the point. A lot of those items you probably won’t even have at your dinner, so you’re saving even more by skipping certain ingredients. And let’s be honest, anything under $50 that feeds 10 people is a pretty clear win, right? We’re under 5 bucks a person, and it’s all really good food.

Check out all the savings and prices here.

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