Wu Yongning
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Man’s Fall From Skyscraper Highlights Danger In Viral Stunt [VIDEO]

A Chinese online celebrity recently died attempting a popular, yet extremely dangerous viral stunt…

Wu Yongning, a Chinese internet celebrity known for “rooftopping,” has sadly died…

According to The New York Times, “rooftopping” is a dangerous stunt that involves climbing up high structures, often illegally, and filming the view. Some take it a step further and attempt death-defying tricks, all without any safety gear.

While these videos can make people extremely popular online, they can also be their downfall (in a very literal sense).

Unfortunately for Wu, that’s exactly what happened. Although fans noticed he stopped posting videos on November 8th of this year, it was only recently discovered why.

In a stunt gone wrong on top of a 60-story building, Wu accidentally fell to his death. Perhaps even more tragically, he was making the video to earn $15,000. This money was going to cover his mother’s medical bills and pay for his wedding.

The incident has lead the Chinese media to warn the public about the dangers associated with these viral stunts. In a report from the China Daily, they said:

“By climbing on high buildings without taking any safety measures, Wu put himself in danger and pushed himself to his limits, but that does not mean what he did is a sport.”

He’s also not the first to die in this way: The Straits Times revealed that several other “rooftoppers” also died attempting similar tricks over the last few years.

Learn more right here.

Also, you can watch part of Wu Yongning’s final video below.



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