Worst Baby Names 2010

By Doug Lazy on July 26, 2010

Apparently these are real names given to real children living in the United States.  Again, proof that people should be required to get a license to reproduce!!

Is this not emotional abuse???  People actually gave these names to their children…

  • Uranus Stukey
  • Ghoul Nipple
  • Acne Fountain
  • Lust T. Castle
  • Mary A. Jerk
  • Ima Whore
  • Mutton Bucker
  • Hugh Jass
  • Fanny Whiffer
  • Tackle Feigenbutz
  • Envy Burger
  • Bum Snoddy
  • Mule E. McCart
  • Lard Mooney
  • Good Hell
  • Emma Royd
  • Noble Butt
  • Naught E. Bishop
  • Stud Duck
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