Woman Has To Shave Head After Using Tampered Conditioner

Check to make sure your products are sealed before using them!

By Doug Lazy on July 31, 2019
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(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

A woman had to shave her hair off after using a conditioner that she believes was tampered with. She thinks somebody mixed hair removal cream into her conditioner before she bought it!


DailyMail.co.uk says the Wisconsin woman purchased the hair conditioner at her local Walmart. After using it, she said that her hair began to fall in clumps. The woman’s family says that they believe the conditioner was tampered with and a hair removal cream (possibly Nair), was mixed into the conditioner. After meeting with a hairdresser to determine if she could extensions to cover her bald patches, the woman was told no. What was left of her hair couldn’t support the extensions. She had to shave her head.

Her mother posted about the ordeal on Facebook:

Because her scalp was also damaged, her family ahs set up a GoFundMe page. It says:

“This gofundme is being set up in hopes of helping Ashley to purchase some wigs, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, and require costly care and maintenance. Along with offsetting any potential medical costs and legal fees.” 

We hope that she’s going to be OK. 🙁

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