Woman Catches Man Spiking Drink On Selfie Video [VIDEO]

This woman caught a man dropping something in her drink while she was taking a selfie video – but she still didn’t notice right away.

By nowproducerdave on April 9, 2018
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Esports Arena Las Vegas)

This woman was at a music festival, and she was taking a selfie video. In the video, a man can be seen dropping something into her drink. It still took another one of her friends to point it out.

It can happen just that quickly. You’re walking around with a drink, you look to the left for a moment, and someone drops something in your drink in your right hand, just that easily. Who knows what it is or where it’s from, but it could be anything. There’s no way you could have noticed it, and before you know anything happened, you could be in total danger. That’s what happened to this woman when she was at a music fest. She was taking a selfie video, and dancing to the music, when a guy walked by and dropped something in her drink. It’s hard to know what it was, or what the intent was, but we can only assume. Here’s the video:

We understand that this video looks almost staged, perhaps to prove a point about how easy it could be for someone to drop something in your drink, but maybe it is real, who knows. Whether it’s fake or not though, it’s something to really take seriously. It really is that easy, and it can even be done from a distance if someone has good aim. You’ll never know who it was, either, even if the attempt failed. Point it – watch your drinks like a hawk. If there’s an option to have a lid, get one. If you can’t have a lid, keep your drink in your sight, and hold your hand over the top when you’re not drinking. There are a lot of distractions at music events, but your safety should never be ignored. See here for the original story.

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