Woman Buys Dog, Finds Out It’s Actually A Fox

A woman bought what she thought was a dog, but after 3 months of non dog-like behaviors, she discovered it’s really a fox.

By nowproducerdave on May 11, 2018
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

You must be thinking “well, isn’t there a pretty obvious difference?” Well, no, there isn’t. A woman wanted to get a Japanese Spitz (sort of looks like a big Pomeranian). She found a pet shop that was selling some, so she bought one. The dog had a problem though – it never barked, and it wouldn’t eat dog food.

The woman bought the animal from a pet shop in China, near where she lives. The breed of Japanese Spitz is known to look like a fox, so the confusion here can be understood. She paid the equivalent of around $190 for the animal, and was happy to finally have one. She brought it home, and was excited to get to know it. After about three months, she started to get a little concerned about her new dog. It never barked, and it refused to eat dog food. Now, that’s interesting to me because I’ve seen foxes in my yard, and they’ll eat cat food, dog food, etc.

Anyway, some other red flags: Other dogs seemed to be afraid of the animal when she brought it to a dog park. Also, it’s fur kept growing in thicker, and the tail kept growing longer and bushier. Also, she noticed that more and more people kept telling her that the dog was actually a fox. If it looks like a fox and acts like a fox, it must be a fox, right? She took the “dog” to get checked out, when a zoo worker came across her story. The worker confirmed that yes, the dog is really a fox. She turned the fox over to the zoo so it could get the proper diet and care it needed. Sad but happy ending at the same time. Check out some pictures and more about the fox-dog here.

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