Wilmer Valderrama Suggests ‘That ’70s Show’ Movie Might Happen

Wilmer Valderrama hinted that a ‘That ’70s Show’ movie might actually happen! He reportedly has already spoken with some of the cast about the project.

By Admin on July 6, 2018
Wilmer Valderrama
(Photo by COS via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Wilmer Valderrama hinted that a That ’70s Show movie might actually happen!

It’s been a long 12 years since the show ended, but it still remains a classic. There surely would be high demand for a reunion film. The actor has reportedly tossed the idea around with his fellow cast mates.

“I’ve always joked about That ’70s Movie, that’s one thing we could probably come together and do, to get a couple of us together and do a road trip movie,” Valderrama told the Daily Mail.

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“We obviously look older so I think we’d probably maybe do 10 years later,” he continued. “That ’70s Movie but a 10-year high school reunion or something, everyone still looks young enough that we can play that.”

Of course, many of the cast members have gone on to find huge success in their solo careers, so it could be difficult. We can still dream!

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