What’s In The Oscars Gift Bag For The Nominees This Year?

The Oscars are this weekend, and there’s one thing people always want to know – what’s in the celebrity gift bags? Find out right here!

By nowproducerdave on March 2, 2018
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Ok, first of all, the Oscars gift bag isn’t an official Oscars thing. The Academy sued the company that puts the bags together last year for using the name “Oscars,” and now they’re just called the “Everybody Wins” gift bag. Hah.

Normally, these bags contain gifts that are sponsored by various companies. The Oscars gift bag can include everything from snack bars to extravagant vacation packages, massages, lotions; you name it, and it’s probably been in a bag or two. This year, the list of items includes “conflict-free diamond jewellery,” personal training sessions, sweat-blocking patches for under your arm (which sound kind of convenient, actually), and a whole bunch of other things. One of the big items in this year’s bag though is a “Tigerlight Defense Alert Device.” It’s pepper spray, in light of the #MeToo movement, to protect the stars should they ever need to use it.

It’s not just an aerosol spray can though, it’s actually a full-on connected device. If you ever have to use the spray, not only is it proven to be 98% effective at stopping an attacker, it will send out an alert not just to police, but also to anyone within a certain distance who has the connected app on their phone. The app is designed to work with the spray and connect to a cloud service that helps it locate you when you use the spray. The idea is that anyone nearby who may have the app will get the alert, and they can maybe come to help whomever felt the need to use the pepper spray. The spray itself is pretty designer-esque, it comes in a nice looking package that looks like it could be on display on a shelf. Check out some more on the spray here.

Some other specific items include:
Edible jewelry from Chocolatines
23andMe genetic service
Locally-grown oranges, courtesy of delivery app EpiFruit
Color-changing lipstick from Blush & Whimsy
Mud toothpaste
24k Gold Facial

Overall there are well over 50 different items in the bags bringing the total value up to about $100,000+. Check out the full list here. Remember, it’s the “unofficial gift bag” now, as the Academy and The Oscars aren’t sponsoring the bag in any way. Also, the stars who get the bags DO have taxes to pay for them, so it’s not really a “gift” after all.

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