West Wind Drive-In Movie Theater Reopens

By Doug Lazy on April 3, 2020
375759 09: "Me, Myself & Irene" and "Chicken Run" light up the screens at the Fiesta drive-in movie theater in Carlsbad, New Mexico, August 10, 2000. The death of the drive-in has been proclaimed far and wide. Back in the 1960s, more than 4,000 operated in the nation, according to the United Drive-In Theater Owners Association. Today there are around 500 throughout the nation. Drive-ins originally were built on the outskirts of town, where land was inexpensive. As cities grew so did property values, and many of the theaters were razed in favor of housing developments and malls. In the late ''70s and early ''80s, competition from indoor theater multiplexes and home videos helped reduce the number even further. But some of the surviving drive-ins are making a comeback such as the Fiesta drive-in that has been running for the last 10 years. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

All of our movie theaters are closed due to social distancing rules (and the fact that they’re nonessential), but the Westwind Drive-In here i Sacramento has reopened its doors for us to check out movies… 

Westwind posted the following rules if you want to go see movies there:

“We’re back!!

There are special rules that EVERYONE must know and follow:
1. Concessions is Closed
2. Every vehicle must leave a space between the car next to them
3. Everyone must remind inside their vehicle. No chairs or standing out side of the vehicle at this time
4. Only one person in the restroom at a time.
5. Social Distancing must be practiced by everyone
6. Customers that don’t follow the rules will be asked to leave! Please don’t ruin it for others!”

To see which movies are playing and showtimes, CLICK HERE

To get to Westwind’s website, CLICK HERE

We LOVE that the drive-in is an option! And we also love the rules in the place to keep us safe.

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