Wednesday wrap up…another celebrity scandal, cheating saves your marriage and more!!

By Doug Lazy on August 4, 2010
Sports reporter claims Favre sent her naughty pics!

What a surprise another day, another celebrity scandal. This time Brett Favre is the center of alledging that he sent naughty pictures to a female reporter with the New York Jets. I can hear Brett Favre fans yelling right now, “how do you know it’s him!!”. Well apparently the thing that gives him away is his watch, the same watch he wore as he wiped away tears from his face during his first retirement announcement!  OOPS!

Thanks to everyone who called and answered my question of the day. Agree or disagree, the secret to a happy marriage is letting your spouse cheat. This topic inspired by watching Larry King last night with former mistress and author Holly Hill. She claims that from her experience of dating married men, women are better off letting their husband stray with no consequences. She says, “It’s better to walk the dog on a leash than let it escape from the hole in backyard fence”. Although we did receive calls from women who agreed, guys don’t bring this up at the dinner table with your girl. You may end up in the hospital..LOL

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