Would You Wear A Picture Of Your Pet?

People are having portraits of their pets embroidered onto clothing, and it’s not only expensive, but getting more popular despite the cost.

By nowproducerdave on April 2, 2018
(Photo by Cedric Ribeiro/Getty Images)

Pet portrait embroidery is officially one of the hotter clothing trends of the past couple weeks – people are getting portraits of their pets on clothes. T-shirts, leggings, sweaters – anything. You’ve probably seen someone wearing clothes with pictures of dogs on them already – we saw 2 examples at Hoptopia this past weekend.

Wearing your pets seems like a normal thing to say when you consider forgetting the lint roller before running into that meeting you have this morning (happy Monday!), but actually wearing a picture of your pet is something different. Now, we’ve all heard of (and probably have seen) perhaps grandparents wearing a “cat sweater” that has an embroidered picture of “a cat,” but there’s a company out there producing actual portraits for use on clothing.

The company charges about $500 (but up to $1,000) to have a picture of your actual pet created – then embroidered – on to something from their variety of choices. You can get shirts, sweaters, bags, pants, anything that’s made out of fabric. Anything from their store though – and it must be purchased new. Bring them a picture of your pet, they’ll ask you questions about your pet and try to learn its personality, and then their artist will create a “stylized” portrait. You get a “sample” of the embroidered portrait that you can hang in your house, too. It takes up to two weeks to complete the embroidery. See some more info about the process here.

Would you have your pet embroidered on something? Our furry friends are certainly a part of our families, and having embroidery on either clothing or even a bag really doesn’t sound surprising or “strange,” but do you see it as tacky? Or is that just something that’s going to become more popular moving forward? It’s like custom-made clothing, if you think about it. Certainly unique.

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