We Spend Almost Two Hours A Day Shopping Online At Work

While we’re at work, of course we’re spending time online, but the amount of time we’re spending SHOPPING is alarming.

By nowproducerdave on December 12, 2018
(Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

And our boss is MAD. Ok, so shopping doesn’t mean BUYING – browsing counts. Apparently we’re spending 1.7 hours a day shopping while at work.

A career-building website asked 2,000 people earlier this year, and the results are finally getting published. People admit that they do some shopping while on the clock, and it’s a lot. 1.7 hours per day on average is what people are spending online at work. It doesn’t mean they’re buying things, and that’s an average. Some spend more time, others spend less time.

So what are we shopping for? Well, this time of year of course we’re looking for Christmas/holiday presents. Other times of the year, people are vacation shopping. They’re finding deals, hotels, and planning trips while on the clock. 57% of us who hold a job admit to shopping while working. That works out to about 234 MILLION hours a day of paid shopping time. That’s not a bad way to earn a living, but it can come with some consequences, of course. Here’s some more info on the study.

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