Watch Jason Mraz & Tiffany Haddish fly through space together in video for “You Do You”

Jen Rosenstein/BMGBelieve us, your life isn’t complete until you’ve seen Jason Mraz and actress Tiffany Haddish fly through the universe together in the video for Jason’s latest song, “You Do You.” The reggae-flavored tune, from Jason’s upcoming album…

By ABC Audio on May 29, 2020

Jen Rosenstein/BMGBelieve us, your life isn't complete until you've seen Jason Mraz and actress Tiffany Haddish fly through the universe together in the video for Jason's latest song, "You Do You."

The reggae-flavored tune, from Jason's upcoming album Look for the Good, features a rap segment from Tiffany.  Jason, Tiffany and members of his band all captured their performances for the video separately at home using green-screen technology.

The deliberately low-fi video, inspired by shows like Reading Rainbow and The Electric Company, shows Jason seemingly walking down the street, diving to the bottom of the ocean and flying on a rocket ship through space, not to mention riding on an animated cat.  Tiffany, meanwhile, is seen riding on a winged horse, and eventually joining Jason as they explore the cosmos together.

"It’s the perfect visual for an upbeat tune about individuality," says Jason in a statement.

“‘You Do You’ is the epitome of what I believe -- that everyone should be themselves and do the things you love to do, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody else,” says Tiffany in a statement. "Life would be so much easier if we all portrayed ourselves as who we really are."

"As I talk to my friends through this horrible pandemic, I see a lot of people are learning to love themselves and to be closer to themselves, which will allow them to BE themselves," she adds. "I think that will make for a much better society when we’re all out and about.”

This isn't Tiffany's first involvement with a pop music star: She was also featured in a video segment on Taylor Swift's Reputation stadium tour.

"You Do You" is the latest release from Look for the Good, following the title track and "Wise Woman."  The album's out June 19.

By Andrea Dresdale
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