Israeli Paragliders Take Off From Golan Heights

(Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

By Doug Lazy on November 27, 2018

MEVO HAMA, GOLAN HEIGHTS - AUGUST 28: An Israeli hangglider launches himself from the cliffs looming over the Sea of Galilee to catch the thermals rising from the water during the Holy Wind festival on August 28, 2008 on the Mevo Hama cliffs on the Golan Heights. The biblical lake is Israel's most important water reservoir, fed by the Jordan River from the north and by the many streams that carry snow melt and rain water from the strategic Golan Heights. Jerusalem may soon find itself surrendering the volcanic plateau to Syria, with Damascus demanding a full Israeli withdrawal from the Golan in return for a comprehensive peace. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

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