[VIDEO] Kayakers Surrounded by Killer Whales in California

By darik on December 3, 2020
FRASER ISLAND, AUSTRALIA - JULY 04: In this handout photo provided by Sea World Australia a killer whale surfaces in the shallow waters July 4, 2013 on Fraser Island, Australia. A pod of nine whales are being monitored as they swim north near Fraser Island where five were beached and two died after becoming stranded on Wednesday morning. (Photo by Sea World Australia via Getty Images)
(Photo by Sea World Australia via Getty Images)

Two whale-watchers near Avila beach had a crazy and scary experience when a humpback overturned their kayak and nearly swallowed them. One of the kayakers surfaced and soon after, other kayakers and paddleboarders came to help them. Thankfully, nobody was physically hurt. 


WARNING: This video may be disturbing to some and contains language NSFW.



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