Vampires Make Fun Stories, But You Shouldn’t Burn Your House Down

A man must have been afraid of some vampires when he started yelling about them defending themselves after setting his own house on fire.

By nowproducerdave on December 27, 2018
(Photo by ABC Television/Courtesy of Getty Images)

Ok, vampires. They make for fun stories. Remember back from 2008-ish to around 2014 how there were new vampire-themed movies coming out every other week? They’ve been figures of stories for years. They come out in the dark, drink blood, there’s something about bats, etc etc.

Well, this guy took a vampire story a little too seriously. We’re not saying he was on drugs or anything, but come on, you’d have to think he was. Long version short, he was screaming something about vampires and burned his house down. Long version starts with Florida. Of course it does, because all the weird stories come from Florida. A man was acting strangely, and his wife called the police. She was complaining about how he was behaving, so they arrived to check him out. Once they were there, the guy didn’t seem to be acting weird at all, so police left.

Later that night, the man became agitated. He started screaming at and hitting his wife. He was also breaking out windows during his episode. His wife says he yelled something along the lines of “the vampires are going to defend themselves!” Then he threw some ceiling insulation on the stove, which started a fire. His wife escaped, luckily, but they guy grabbed a knife and ran next door. He beat on his neighbor’s door, saying the house was on fire and his wife was inside. The home was a total loss, and the guy was arrested. His wife says he takes medicine for his cancer, but she wasn’t sure if he took anything else. More info on one of the less-fun vampire stories over here.

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