Uber Driver Tries To Take Stairs

An Uber driver took a wrong turn and found himself stuck on some stairs outside a grocery store after following his GPS.

By nowproducerdave on March 28, 2018
(Photo by Keystone View/FGP/Getty Images)

He wasn’t trying to cut time off the trip, he just took a wrong turn. This Uber driver in San Francisco was just trying to pick up a passenger when the stairs just jumped right out in front of him.

The Uber was part of the new “Uber Pool” feature, which allows multiple passengers to share a car, like a carpool. There were two passengers in the car already, and the driver was heading to pick up a third. Apparently, according to reports, the incident “may have resulted from the driver receiving bad information from his GPS.”

This whole story sounds like the new “my dog ate my homework” excuse, we’ll be honest. We sympathise with the situation for sure, we’ve all received bad information or last-second instruction from our GPS devices – it happens. But when the GPS says “turn left,” people should look at where they’re turning and judge if it’s an ok place to turn. If it looks like a sidewalk or a pedestrian walkway, you probably shouldn’t make that turn. If you have second thoughts about turning down a road, keep going and the GPS will correct itself. Luckily nobody seemed to be on those stairs at the time the driver turned down them, and besides a little embarrassment probably, everyone was perfectly fine. Sometimes technology hurts us more than it helps, and judgement needs to be used. See some more on the story here.

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