Turns Out Arnold Schwarzenegger Never Actually Divorced Maria

They filed for divorce back in 2011, but Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver still haven’t officially “untied the knot.”

By kmvq on November 3, 2017
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

So, they’re been separated for about 6 years, ever since Maria found out about Arnold’s rendezvous with their housekeeper, which resulted in another little Schwarzenegger running around.

Back in 2011 when Maria Shriver found out about the affair, the couple filed for divorce. Their two children, Patrick and Christopher were both minors at the time. Now they’re both over 18, so custody battling isn’t a problem with the divorce. The problem seems to be with Arnold. Maria says that he’s not “taking the final steps” to end the marriage. Sources close to the no-prenup couple say that they’ve pretty much already determined how their property and $400 million fortune will be split up as well.

Arnold insists that hes not holding anything up, saying that he “wants the divorce to become final in a way that is both sensitive to Maria and their kids.”

Divorce is always messy, but 6 years?

When Mark asked about the marriage, Arnold responded with (we’re hoping) a joke, saying he was sleeping in the garage:


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