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Trader Joe’s Has A Totally Affordable Advent Calendar For Dogs!

Trader Joe’s has advent calendars for dogs in stores now and they’re super cute! It’s one of the many holiday products that the company will be releasing.

Trader Joe’s just came out with the most amazing product… an advent calendar for your dog!

The company announced the calendar back in October on its podcast, Inside Trader Joe’s, reports Bustle. The 24-day calendar holds hidden salmon and sweet potato dog treats for your beloved pup to enjoy. The packaging is super cute, as well, and they only run for roughly $5.99!

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Trader Joe’s is planning on releasing way more holiday products as we get closer into the season. And by “way more,” we’re talking between 150 to 200 items!

If the dog advent calendar is any indication of what the expect, we can surely expect great things coming up. CLICK HERE to see a picture of the calendar’s packaging.


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